Monday, July 23, 2012

the moonlight blog party under the big top

A few days ago  I started reading the " Night circus"  and was so inspired with the idea that I start thinking about hosting a blog party with a night circus theme. 
Also at the same time Kim and I started work on some designing  that also had a circus theme 
 and so that was it..
 I emailed Kim 

and after a bit of arm twisting.... 
she said YES!  she would co - host with me 
we cordially invite you 
 the  Moonlight  Blog party 
under the big top    


the date is the weekend of the 29 September 


All you need to do is leave you blog name and address on this post 

and we will add your name to the side bar

okay now for the rules  because we all have to have some rules

1. Place the button for this party on your side bar
2. Spread the word to everyone 
3. please don't sign up if you can't participate on the day 
4.Have your party posts by the September Friday 28th   so our international peeps can start  early and if you can leave you post on for a few days  that would be wonderful .

5. please add your party links to the comments on the day.   

Here some ideas for your circus inspired parties ....

A circus inspired table scrape with clowns and circus animals , your favorite circus food  or rides  who doesn't love the merry go round. 

Circus fashion, jewelry  or crafts.

Create your own circus act....... 

Recreate your favorite circus movie or book and there's been so good ones  
He who gets slapped 1924

The circus 1928

Dumbo 1941

the greatest show on earth 1952

Create  a piece of circus art or if you live near there are places to go to  
This is just one place I found...  

or tell us about a child hood memory of going to the circus.... 

what your favorite sideshow? 
or circus animals? 

Maybe you have a collection of clowns.

 These are just ideas and you can do what you like as long as it about the circus